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Classification by brand

> Diodes

Schottky Barrier Diodes
Fast Recovery Diodes
Zener Diodes
Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode
Switching Diodes
Rectifier Diodes
Band Switching Diodes
PIN Diodes
Detection Schottky Diodes

> Transistors

Bipolar Transistors
Digital Transistors
Complex Transistors
Transistor Arrays

> Tantalum Capacitors

Tantalum Chip Capacitors
Conductive Polymer Capacitors

> Resistors

Class-leading Compact Size Chip Resistors: RASMID series
Standard Chip Resistors
High Reliability Resistors
Current Detection Resistors

> SiC Power Devices

SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes
SiC Power Module
SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes Bare Die




Field Stop Trench IGBT
Ignition IGBT

> Sensors

Geomagnetic Sensor ICs
Current Sensor IC
Hall ICs
Ambient Light Sensor ICs
Color Sensor ICs
Pressure Sensor ICs
Optical Sensor for Heart Rate Monitor
Temperature Sensor ICs
Amplifier for Human Body Detector
Capacitive Switch Control ICs
Touch Screen Control ICs
Optical Sensors


Chip LEDs (Mono-color type)
Chip LEDs (Multi-color type)
LED Lamps (Mono-color type)
Infrared Light Emitting Diodes

> Laser Diodes

Infrared Lasers
Red Lasers
Red/Infrared Dual Wave Lasers

> Memory


> Amplifiers & Linear

Operational Amplifiers
Transistor Arrays

> Power Management

Linear Regulators
AC/DC Converter ICs
Switching Regulators (Isolated type)
Switching Regulators
Switching Regulators (Power Management IC for System)
Gate Drivers
Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)
Power Management Switch ICs
LED Drivers
Wireless Charging ICs
Battery Management ICs

> Clocks & Timers

High-performance Clock Generators ICs
Real Time Clock ICs
CR Control Timer ICs

> Switch & Multiplexer & Logic

Standard Logic
Serial-in/Parallel-out Drivers
USB Switch ICs
Power Management Switch ICs
Capacitive Switch Control ICs

> Data Converter

D/A Converters
Audio Converters

> Display Drivers

TN/STN LCD Drivers

> Motor / Actuator Drivers

DC Brush Motor Drivers
Stepper Motor Drivers
Single Phase Brushless DC Motor Drivers
3 Phase Brushless Motor Drivers
High Voltage 3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Drivers
Fan Motor Drivers
Motor Drivers for the ODD
Motor Drivers for the Printer
Motor Drivers for the Digital Still Camera
Motor Drivers for the Mobile Phone Module

> Interface

LVDS Interface ICs
IrDA Controllers
Multiple Input Switch Monitor LSI
Timing Controllers
CXPI Transceiver
Capacitive Switch Control ICs
Touch Screen Control ICs
USB Type-C Power Delivery

> Audio & Video

Audio Amplifiers
Audio Processors
Video Amplifiers
Audio Converters
Image Correction ICs

> Power Modules

AC/DC Converters
DC/DC Converters

> Printheads

Printheads For Facsimiles
Printheads For Mobile Printers
Printheads For Receipt, Label Printers
Printheads For High-speed Receipt, Smart POS Printers
Printheads For Large-sized, High-speed Label Printers
Printheads For Large-sized, High-speed Label Printers with The Heat historical control

> Optical Sensors

Optical Proximity Sensors and Ambient Light Sensors
Transmission Type Photointerrupters
Reflective Type Photosensors
Infrared Light Emitting Diodes
Photo Diode
4 Direction Detector
Ambient Light Sensor ICs

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